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Gang-related black-on-white crime on the rise in rural Mississippi


Over the past few months, there have been a couple of cases of horrific violence committed by young black thugs against elderly white women in the delta city of Clarksdale, Mississippi, but it’s getting very little coverage outside of the region.

Clarksdale is a small city of approximately 18,000, and fewer than 20% of those residents are white while the rest are black. The poverty rate for 2007-2011 averaged 40.2%, and the median household income during that time was only $24,808–nearly $14,000 less than the state average. Only 78.4% of residents age 25 or older have a high school diploma or higher degree. It sounds like a pretty sad, depressing place to live.

And now their white residents live in fear of violence at the hands of young black teens.

In August, 77-year-old Shirley Gordon barely escaped with her life after being beaten with a brick by a 14-year-old boy outside her home. She recounted the ordeal for WMC-TV in Memphis:

Gordon went just up the street to the corner store but realized she left her card at home. She returned to get it and came back outside to find her car missing. Then she noticed a teen driving it up her street.

“He said Hi I’m bringing your car back I saw it down the street,” said Gordon.

Relieved to have her car, Gordon even offered the teen a ride home. But that’s not what he was after. The teenager jumped in and grabbed Gordon.

“He was beating the stew out of my head with that concrete brick wrapped in asphalt,” she said. “I asked him what have I done to you? And he kept beatin’.”

Gordon was able to survive by kicking the car horn, and the suspect escaped. He would be apprehended later. The news report continues:

Gordon’s story is just one of many violent tales in this Delta town over the past several months, as gang activity is on the rise in her hometown.

“I love Clarksdale. I was born and raised and I plan on leaving this world right here,” Gordon said when asked if she felt safe in Clarksdale.

Gordon plans to buy a pistol for protection.

Gordon’s attacker was captured and determined to be 14-year-old Edward Malane, Jr. His bond was originally set at $115,000 but was lowered to $15,000 without explanation and he was able to bond out. While out on bond, he allegedly kidnapped and assaulted a 4-year-old child in Tunica County, Mississippi. He is being charged as an adult in both cases and could face life in prison for the kidnapping and child abuse charges.

The second heinous crime against an elderly white lady in Clarksdale took place on 15 December. Ethel Lewis, 80, was found beaten and her body set on fire inside her stately Queen Anne home in that city. Nathaniel Roberson, Jr., 17, robbed and murdered Lewis and stole her car in broad daylight, but was caught about 45 minutes away in the town of Ruleville. He has been charged as an adult and is being held without bond.

In his interview with WMC-TV, Captain Robbie Linley of the Clarksdale Police Department stated, “Some of the neighborhoods that these kids grow up in, they are exposed to shootings and to older gang members that live in that area.”

Folks, we can no longer think of gang problems as urban problems. Gangs exist anywhere that their potential members live–be that in big cities or small towns. They exist in rural Tipton County, Tennessee, just north of Memphis, too. In fact, gangs are such an issue at Covington High School in Tipton County that last spring the Board of Education and the Sheriff’s Department teamed up for a gang awareness forum. We aren’t really safe anywhere anymore. Stay vigilant!

Author: Emma J Simpson

Emma grew up in West Tennessee and has a great love of the land, people, and culture of the Mid-South. She is a proud Southern nationalist, and looks forward to the day when the South can be free of the crushing oppression of the US empire.

10 thoughts on “Gang-related black-on-white crime on the rise in rural Mississippi

  1. This is quite a shock! I have been spending a couple of days each year in Clarksdale getting a dose of live “blues” music. While I was there in June, I did hear of an incident, along these lines that had, apparently, just happened. My impression of the town was that the 20% (white folks) were the ones responsible for restoring the downtown commercial areas, antebellum homes as B&Bs, entreprenuering related businesses and in general bringing some financial viability back to the area. For the most part, the black folks are standing by watching and not taking part in the renaisance going on in their back yard. The exception being Morgan Freeman, and a few black blues musicians. It seems to me that all the hard work done by this 20% could be in jeopardy because of a few black idiots. I can only hope that the local authorities come down hard on any future bad actors.

    • James, it is indeed sad to see an area with so much promise being wrecked by individuals with so little decency or regard for human life. However, this seems to be the trend, and not just in the South I suspect.

      On the issue of how gangs are infiltrating rural areas, there was an article in the Covington paper a few months back about how law enforcement in urban areas has gotten tougher on gangs, and thugs see rural law enforcement more as “Barney Fife” types who would basically lack the knowledge and resources to deal with them, making it much easier for them to carry out their illegal activities unchallenged. There may be some truth to that, I don’t really know. I do hope these rural areas can get these situations under control before it gets any worse.

  2. Interesting site. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one!

  3. this really pisses me off,turn the tables and would be headline news for three weeks,what you call thugs,im calling cowards,has to be to abuse the elderly folks

  4. How sick and evil these black ‘kids’ have become – they only prey on the weak and helpless. The burning alive of Jessica Chambers comes to mind. And when they violently resist authority, such as Brown and the NYC monster, the blacks PROTEST against police! What are we going to do folks???

  5. I think I will be adding you to my blogroll.


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